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We’re on a mission to create a gentler footprint

Accent is actively engaged in reducing environmental impact. This means that we take responsibility for our products from their beginning as raw materials through to their end of life disposal.

We also strive to maintain energy-efficient manufacturing processes and maximum waste minimalisation.

Because replacing product creates waste, Accent quality standards help ensure that the product will still look and function well after many years.

our eco-system
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From keen to lean

Lean manufacturing refers to the use of systematic methods to deliver what the customer wants, on time and to agreed specifications whilst eliminating wastes and activities that do not add value.

For many years now, our team has embraced the lean manufacturing philosophy and it is an increasing part of our culture at Accent.

Our continual improvements in lean manufacturing mean that the team at Accent is constantly finding ways to minimise waste, as well as ways to deliver advanced workspace furniture that meets the unique needs of individual clients.

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Accent's 'Lean to Green' programme

The Accent team is on a journey, from lean to green.

We know there is a lot that we are already doing well, but that we can achieve more.

The team at Accent is inspired by nature and strives to nurture and enjoy nature.

You can share in our journey via our blog posts.