VESA plate compatibility alert for those buying new monitors

Conscious of workplace health responsibilities?

Most successful organisations have a strong focus on workplace health and safety. For that reason, many firms include monitor-arms when they scope out their business requirements for office furniture fit-out projects.

Why worry about VESA compliance on monitors?

The Video Electronics Standard Association known as (VESA) provide a standard fixing spacing for monitors known as the flat display mounting interface (FDMI) standard.

The VESA standard defines dimensions of a display’s four-hole attachment interface and the screws used to fit those holes. Typically this means the hole pattern on the back of a display is either a 100 x 100mm or 75 x 75mm mounting hole pattern, using M4 screws for the fixings.


Monitor-specifications alert

In the past, VESA compliance was a standard feature of most monitors in the market. Arrow Group has noted that some manufacturers no longer have VESA as a standard inclusion with each monitor. So, if you are about to buy a new monitor, it is important to double-check that it is VESA compatible.

To avoid frustration, buyers should ask the monitor supplier to confirm the monitor is VESA compliant. 

More info

Here is an extract from the Arrow Group article:

“Monitors with the correct fixing points are usually known as VESA compliant and the mounting point on monitor-arms as the VESA plate. This mounting interface standard is a victory for consumers requiring cross-compatibility.

“Even when monitors are compliant, companies rarely advertise VESA compatibility due to licensing costs, so find out for certain by requesting the model number from your client and checking images online.

“Firstly, check for four equally spaced holes in the back, but beware they are sometimes under another cover, so if not visible a call to the manufacturer in question is the only definitive answer.”

Through its association with Arrow Group in the UK, Accent Group NZ Ltd distributes Metalicon monitor-arms in New Zealand.

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