accent collections

View the contemporary collections from Accent and find a specialist reseller with expertise in workspace furniture.

Accent Oslo Collection

How do I create a workspace that pulls people out of their silos to encourage the collaboration and creative thinking that can translate into innovation and competitive advantage?

Accent Summit Collection

How do I achieve a consistent look across a range of workstation configurations whilst meeting the diverse needs of my team, and in a way that makes effective use of my budget?

Accent Balance Collection

How do I make the best use of our work area and constraints, yet create a varied and contemporary workspace that enables great work?

Accent Metalicon-Collection

How can I help my team to achieve improved workplace ergonomics?

Accent Energy Collection

I don’t want old-style office furniture. How do I find a contemporary workspace furniture collection that is affordable, but not ugly, not complicated and not expensive?

Accent Essentials Collection

How can I make a relatively quick purchase on a set of office furniture yet avoid the frustrations that can arise from a piecemeal approach?