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Shared working or meeting around a TV screen? Make it easy with the Media Hub

More and more in the open workspace, we see small teams gathering around a screen to work together. The shared-screen enables the sharing of real-time information and generates shared insights.

All of today’s workplaces need dedicated spaces for these interactions, but often management has not adequately addressed this need.

Noise pollution vs shared insights in real time

It is not unusual for people to gather at someone’s desk to discuss information on a computer monitor. However, the resulting congestion and noise pollution can cause serious distractions for the rest of the team.

The discussion is important, but other team members need to concentrate on their focus work.

This situation leads to the question, why do people tend to gather at the desk for their conversations, rather than convene in a collaborative space?

For a start, frustrations with room-booking and technology performance can lead to small group discussions at the desk instead. If team members are not able to get the screen to work, due to missing cables or remotes, the rhythm of their meeting will slow and become frustrating. And, next time around, they might avoid using that space rather than risk the same frustrations.

Value from shared insights and reduced downtime

But downtime at meetings and distractions from desk-side discussions can translate into a significant cost to employers.

Insights are incredibly valuable to a team, so there is also an opportunity cost to consider.  If the workspace design means people avoid impromptu discussions altogether, the team can lose its momentum.

What is the cost to the business if team members don’t share their insights in real time?


Prompt shared insights with a contemporary solution for your team

Instead of being stuck, teams need a purposeful space to continue their impromptu discussions or small-team meetings and workgroups. They need an ideal setup that is close in proximity to their desks but far enough from their open-plan colleagues not to distract.

The new Accent-Classic Media-hub system fosters small team interactions in the workspace using a shared-screen to promote shared insights.

With the addition of this purposeful workspace-furniture, individuals can take few steps away from the desk to continue their discussions. It provides a spatial (rather than acoustic-absorbing) solution to the problem of noise pollution.

Find a liberating way to define the space

The ability to position the media-hub anywhere in an open-plan or meeting room can liberate the workspace designer.

When placed in an open area, the media-wall of the hub can help define the space to enhance both the effectiveness as well as aesthetic appeal.

Integrated cable management will organise whatever AV, power or data cables the team member needs so that there is no delay when using technology.

Manage cables (for safety and aesthetics)

Typically, when you mount a TV-screen on the wall, along with the monitor, you see a mess of cables. Because the media-hub comes with integrated cable management in both the wall and the table-top, you can reduce the clutter and improve the aesthetics of the workspace.

Transform your workspace layout (and team dynamics)

If there is a need for an office layout change, you can easily reconfigure the media-hub system if needed.

It only takes a few people can pick up the hub and move it to a new location in a matter of minutes. You can run the cabling from the floor or ceiling, or (if positioned against a wall) the wall.

You mount the monitor on the hub’s media-wall (not the room wall). That means, when you relocate the media-hub to a different position in the room, you won’t leave any legacy holes in the wall of the room.


When colleagues share their insights more freely, and staff are less distracted in the open office, the impact can be immediate and measurable. Your team will love the results. And so will you.


The simple addition of a purposeful and well-designed piece of furniture can help transform a workspace, a team dynamic, and business results. Take the next steps to liberate your workspace and team.

  • Business leaders: Ask your workspace-furniture provider to talk to Accent about standard or custom options to create a media-hub that’s perfect for your team. (If you don’t have a workspace-furniture adviser, visit our Accent ‘where to buy’ directory to find an Accent reseller for this product.)
  • Workspace designers and furniture resellers: Talk to the Accent team about your fit-out project.



Here are a few of the many options from the Accent-Classic Media-hub system. Custom sizes and finishes possible. Talk to your Accent reseller for more information.

Accent-Classic Media Hub leaner (7-person) for standup meetings and huddles
Accent-Classic Media Hub Leaner (standing-height) 7-person
Accent-Classic Media-hub (seated-height) 5-person.
Accent-Classic Media-hub leaner (standing-height) 3-person
Accent-Classic Media-hub leaner (standing-height) 3-person
Accent-Classic Media-hub 3-person (seated-height)
Accent-Classic Media-hub 3-person (seated-height)

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