Powder-coat options: Metalicon Spectrum mobile pedestal (white body with variable handle colours)

Powder-coat options: Metalicon Cube (mobile pedestal)

cube mobiles - black, white and silver (body and handles)

Powder-coat options: Metalicon Cube-Slim (mobile pedestal)

cube mobiles - black or white (body and handles)

Powder-coat options - Base/ Frames (desks, tables + monitor-arms)

FRAMES - desks, tables, monitor arms


Energy desks (fixed-height)
Duo electric-desks (height-adjustable)
Classic meeting and coffee tables
Kardo and Libero monitor-arms
Boost flip-tables

Please note: This section on powder-coat finishes for Accent desks/ workstations and tables is not yet complete. Please talk to your Accent adviser for information on powder-coat options for products not yet cited here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The colours shown here are indicative only. The colour seen can vary when printed on different stocks or viewed on different screens. If colour matching is of particular importance, we encourage you to request a physical sample from your preferred Accent reseller.