Planning your projects over the coming holiday period?

The holiday season is only 5 weeks away, and for us this also means that our busiest time of the year has arrived. Below is a summary of the production shut down period and the shipping dates. If you have a project coming up over this period please contact us about the delivery as the remaining capacity for this year is filling up fast!

Click here to see the desks and accessories that are available ex stock for quick delivery.

Please use the above as a guide but if you need something special email [email protected] with your requirements and we will do our best to make it work.

All the best for the holiday period which I’m sure you are all very much looking forward to!

Rob Foster

As sales manager of Accent Group NZ Ltd, Robert Foster engages in all customer-focused aspects of the company’s activities. As well as managing the sales team, his role encompasses product design, marketing, new business development, account management, and the development or improvement of systems and services that support our customers.

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