How Mexico, the beach and loud shout-outs are helping deaf kids

Loud Shirt Day at Accent is our way of shouting out to recognise the expert medical team at The Hearing House and the brilliant work they do to support deaf children.

And this fun event is also our way of thanking our team members for the energy and expertise that they bring to Accent every day.

Here we share the Accent team’s journey along Loud Shirt Day. It is now an annual event that we look forward to each year. And, from small beginnings, each year we want to improve how we help the Hearing House.

2017 - Get on board 'at the beach'

In 2017, the Loud Shirt Day theme is ‘at the beach’

We have invited everyone on our team to get on board with our Loud Shirt Day event for staff.

Our event will include a team meeting to focus on how we can help the Hearing House, followed by competitions, some truly great food, prizes and fun.  

Accent will donate on behalf of our team, and we know that many individuals within the team also want to make donations. 

Want to get on board too? The Loud Shirt Day 2017 donation page makes it easy to give in an instant (like right now).

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Get on board with Accent for Loud Shirt Day 2017

2016 - Hola amigos!

Hola! In 2016, Accent first participated in Loud Shirt Day.

The amigos at Accent wanted to make a difference for hearing impaired children.

Our team formed an organising crew for our Loud Shirt Day and set the agenda for the Mexican-themed event.

It was fun, the food was delicious, and it was all for a very good cause – to do our bit to help hearing impaired children around NZ learn to listen and speak.

The Hearing House and Loud Shirt Day 2017

Ronnie Holt

Ronnie Holt often jokes that he probably has office furniture in his DNA. His father, Chris, founded Accent Group NZ Ltd and Ronnie started work with the company straight from school, learning the business from the ground up. Now, as the Operations Director, Ronnie manages and develops the capabilities of Accent to deliver on the brand promise. He regularly travels the world to monitor the latest international trends in workspace design and furniture, generating even deeper insights on contemporary work-styles. And Ronnie will happily share those insights with others who care about and want to create positive workspaces.

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