New and updated clamp on side screen solutions

Making our workspaces safer with simple solutions Many businesses are currently exploring avenues for providing distancing between workers in the most cost effective way. One of the simplest ways to provide additional barriers between staff is by introducing slide/clamp on side screens. These can be easily retrofitted to almost any existing workstation system and can be [...]

Products to prevent the spread of infection in our workspaces

Products to prevent the spread of infection. Many employers will be working currently on plans to make their workplace safe for employees to return to work. The NZ Government have provided the following helpful advice regarding what precautions should be taken: Based on this advice, a simple way to reduce the risk of infection [...]

Planning your projects over the coming holiday period?

Our authorised Accent resellers need to know our key-dates for 2017 year-end and our commencement in 2018, so here they are for your ready reference.

New! Smart personal storage which provides privacy and saves space.

Expect increasing demand for personal-storage to use with height-adjust desks With a heightened emphasis on workplace wellness as well as productivity, you can expect increased demand for personal-storage designed for use with height-adjust desks. On top of that, distractions are one of the most significant roadblocks to productivity in offices today, and there is a constant [...]

Scandinavian design, Agile workspaces, NZ made, the stunning Olso Touchdown shared workbench system.

Agile involves more than working differently. It takes hold in the culture of an organisation. With the new Accent-Oslo Touchdown-system, you can provide unassigned workspaces for your people. This contemporary workspace furniture design will also help signal your team's transformation to a more agile culture. In contrast to old-style office furniture from a bygone era, [...]

Shared working or meeting around a TV screen? Make it easy with the Media Hub

How to better enable impromptu discussions and shared team insights in the open workspace or the private meeting room.

Planning your Accent furniture orders around the Christmas break?

Our authorised Accent resellers need to know our key-dates for 2017 year-end and our commencement in 2018, so here they are for your ready reference.

How Mexico, the beach and loud shout-outs are helping deaf kids

Find out why we are asking you to get on board with Accent and support The Hearing House too. Follow our journey as, from small beginnings, we aim to improve the way we support the Hearing House every year.

VESA plate compatibility alert for those buying new monitors

The Video Electronics Standard Association known as (VESA) provide a standard fixing spacing for monitors known as the flat display mounting interface (FDMI) standard. In the past, VESA compliance was a standard feature of most monitors in the market. Today, that is not always the case . . .

Is computer use killing productivity?

Jobs that involve working with computers are not typically associated with workplace…