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New! Smart personal storage which provides privacy and saves space.

Expect increasing demand for personal-storage to use with height-adjust desks

With a heightened emphasis on workplace wellness as well as productivity, you can expect increased demand for personal-storage designed for use with height-adjust desks.

On top of that, distractions are one of the most significant roadblocks to productivity in offices today, and there is a constant cry for focus spaces that are more effective.

To help your team address these pressing needs, introduce the new Accent-Mascot Personal-storage system (pull-out model) to your workspace.

Find new ways to meet the needs of those with electric or fixed-height desks

The Accent-Mascot Personal-storage system (pull out model) is ideal for the contemporary workspace.

Because you access all the storage from the front of the unit it is ideal for team members with electric desks.

You want a workspace concept that meets the needs of all your team members. So, consider how you can use this personal storage system to:

  1. Create a divider between desks, to reduce distractions and transform your workspace
  2. Provide a large amount of personal-storage space, to reduce clutter from your workspace
  3. Meet the needs of users with height-adjust desks as well as those with fixed-height desks
Inspiration -Accent-Mascot Personal-storage system (pull-out)-for-electric-desk setting