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Spotlight on plants in the workplace

Accent Energy Collection, Scene with planter box

Is there a case for more plants in the office?

Want to know which research shows that plants in the workplace help reduce stress, enhance employee attitudes and improve air quality?

You will find lots of references here. And we also show you workspace planter-box options that are ideal for when the office floor space is at a premium.

How can plants at work improve workplace wellness and save money?

From NASA to renowned Universities across the globe, there has been copious and ever-increasing research that demonstrates that plants in the workplace help reduce stress, enhance employee attitudes and improve air quality.

It has been proven that works in an office who could see a plant from their desk felt less stressed and the research found that only one plant is needed to make a difference to mood.

Further studies have shown that plants in the workspace can provide immediate financial benefits to businesses, making interior plants a solid return on investment and a must for any office. How could they possibly do this?

Recent studies have shown that plants in the workspace can provide immediate financial benefits to businesses, making interior plants a solid return on investment and a must for any office. How could they possibly do this?

Keeping cool

Plants cool by a process called transpiration which, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, decreases air temperature in offices by ten degrees and creates a humidity level not too dry or moist.

The researchers say the net cooling effect of one young healthy tree is equivalent to ten room-size air conditioners operating 20-hours a day, and proper selection and placement of plants can lower heating and cooling costs by as much as 20%.

Being well

New data published by World Health Organisation found that indoor air in sealed office buildings can be 100 times more polluted than outdoor air and that in 2012, one in eight deaths globally were caused by poor indoor air quality.

Plant foliage absorbs up to 50-60% of pollutants, dust, mould and bacteria from the air, improving worker health and quality of life and providing bottom-line savings on sick leave expenses.

Working harder

In 2014, researchers from Cardiff University in the UK found that introducing greenery to workplaces led to a 15% rise in output over just 3 months.

Findings indicated that a green working environment is consistently more enjoyable for employees, more conducive to concentration, reduces noise and is more productive for business.

The research suggests that investing in landscaping the office with plants will pay off just through an increase in office workers’ productivity, and demonstrating more cost benefits over the long term.

Looking good

Indoor plants cost less than most alternative corporate decor choices and offer a guarantee of positively enhancing perception.

England’s Oxford Brookes University found that clients and employees perceive a building with interior planting as more expensive- looking, more welcoming and more relaxed.

Accent Mascot Planter boxes provide you with a stylish and easy way to get more plants into your workspace. These planter boxes include a waterproof acrylic liner, come in three different lengths.

Designed to fit on the top of our storage units, the Accent Mascot Planter boxes can help you to achieve a cohesive and contemporary look.

Talk to an authorised Accent reseller about how you can incorporate Accent Mascot Planter boxes into your workspace.

Which plants are ideal for my office workspace?

Spider plant, ideal for office and workspaces

Spider plant

Perfect for high shelves and hanging baskets, the low-maintenance spider plant thrives in partial sun or shade.

This plant is known to help cleanse the air, boost relative humidity and decrease allergen-causing dust.

office plants

Golden pothos

Another top air-cleaner, golden pothos is famously known as a low-maintenance plant.

Better Homes & Gardens called the variety “one of the best indoor plants for low-light situations” – making it perfect for your desk.

Plants for indoor offices

Lemon balm

Super-fragrant lemon balm plants can tolerate full sun or full shade. This means that the lemon balm can happily exist in the office, even if the nearest window is on the other side of the room.

The sweet smell of the lemon balm plant can enhance the mood in a stressful office environment.

Plants for the office

Peace lily

The peace lily loves the shade and their unique shape helps you to introduce height and structure to the planting in your office.

According to NASA research, these lilies have the potential to remove more volatile organic compounds from the air than nearly any other plant.

What are the design options for planter-box furniture in my office workspace?

Accent Energy Collection, Scene with planter box

Concept 1

In the concept shown above, you can see the Accent Mascot planter box with two Accent Duo electric-desks (back-to-back) and a shared Accent System 25 free-standing screen.

The scene also includes our Metalicon Spectrum mobile pedestal (with coloured handles) and, behind the planter box, you can also see the Accent Oslo bar leaner.


Concept 2

In this concept, we show the Accent Mascot Planter-box in conjunction with the Accent Classic meeting table (at the front), and Accent desk pods (at back) with our Buzz side-screens.

See the various configurations available for the Accent Mascot planter box. The design options include tambour door, hinged doors and open shelves.

With Accent, you can also configure the finishes of your planter box to suit your individual requirements

Talk to your Accent reseller about the standard sizes and finishes for our Mascot planter boxes. Or ask them to explore options for custom finishes and sizes to the specifications of your architect or designer.

Accent Mascot Planter-Box-Storage

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