Accent-Balance Desk-system (fixed-height)

Fixed-height desk-system (cantilevered top/ perpendicular-leg)

Product options

Accent-Balance fixed-height desk options:
• 180-degree individual desks, inline and back-to-back pods
• 120-degree desk-pods – 3-person, 6-person
• 90-degree corner workstation – 1-person
• 90-degree desk-pods – 4-person
• Inline desk-pods – 2-person, 3-person, 4, person
• Back-to-back desk-pods – 2-person, 4-person, 6-person
• Larger pods available

• Height – H720mm (incl. desk-top) w adjust up to H725mm
• Width – W800mm
• Lengths – 120 degree) options: L1200, L1350mm
• Lengths – other options: L1200, L1500, L1800, L2000mm
(each side for corner-desk options)

• Custom sizes and shapes, including organic shapes
• Custom top finishes possible, incl. timber veneers
• Custom powder-coats possible for frames


• L4. Expert installation recommended

Delivery times

• L4. 10-15 days (standard finishes)
• Working days, to NZ commercial premises

Product features

• Fixed-height desk system with straight leg – many options
• Contemporary, open design w clean lines for spacious feel
• Desk-top ‘floating’ design for slightly cantilevered surface
• Includes an integrated cable tray to help reduce clutter
• Top has scalloped back-edge to accommodate cables
• Frame includes an extendable desk beam
• This means you can switch to a larger or smaller top at any time
• Wide range of models and configuration options
• Vast range of finishes, colours, and sizes (incl. custom)


• Frame – Powder-coat (black or white) or custom
• Table-top – Choose from Accent Melteca options
(standard or non-standard) or ask for timber veneer
• Desk-top cut-out – Lacquered (black or white)

• Base-frame – Steel/ aluminum
• Desk-top – 25mm Melteca with 2mm PVC edging
• Locally-sourced materials and imported components

• Melteca top – Currently not recyclable
• Steel frame – Recyclable


• 10-year warranty on this Accent-designed product
• Durable materials and quality construction””

included products

Balance Fixed Height Desk – Quick Ship

Balance Fixed-height Desk-pod (90-degree/ 4-person)

Balance – Fixed-height Desk-pod (120-degree/ 6-person)

Balance – Fixed-height Desk-pod (120-degree / 3-person)

Balance Fixed Height Desk 4Pod Back-to-back

Balance Fixed Height Desk 2Pod Back-to-back

Balance Fixed Height Desk Pod (Inline/3-person)

Balance Fixed-height Desk (180-degree/ 1-person)

Balance – Fixed-height Corner-workstation (90-degree/ 1-person)